There are two ways to become a member of the curated community: 


One way to join is to apply by building a Contender Profile. Once your Contender profile is all buttoned-up, you can submit it to our Membership Board for review. This profile will also be visible to hirers on Working Not Working. As a Contender, you can be followed, contact, and hired. You’ll also be on our radar and notified about our parties, events, and updates. Start building your Contender Profile here.


The quickest way to join is to be nominated by a current member (creative or company). You'll then receive an email with steps to start building a "Contender Profile." Our members have impeccable taste. With a nomination, you'll receive one upvote ahead of your review. If you know any WNW members, buy them a beer and then nonchalantly hit them up for a nomination. 

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