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What are the Team permissions?
What are the Team permissions?
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With Quarterly & Yearly subscriptions, Team features are included.

There are two types of permissions associated with Teams:

- Admin

- Viewer

Team Admins use one of the subscription seats and are able to access all features associated with a Team subscription (post jobs, conduct searches, message applicants, participate in other Team features).

*With a Quarterly or Yearly subscription, the primary user associated with the subscription will need to set up the initial Team.

Team Viewers are only able to see applicants to jobs that have been shared with them to provide candidate feedback.

To utilize a Team seat, the primary user must first set one up.

Once a Team is set up and the invitation is sent, the initial Team Admin will be notified when an invitation has been accepted.

They can then change user permissions from Team Viewer to Team Admin:

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