If you're new to the freelance game and aren't sure how much to charge, ask around. Ask your friends who are Creative or ask Hirers you have a relationship with to give you an honest range of what they pay for people at your same level.

You don't need to put an exact price on your profile, just select the appropriate price range. This will give you a little flexibility and make starting out a bit easier.

Here are the rate breakdowns across currencies.

$: 0-50/hr or 0-500/day
$$: 50-100/hr or 500-1,000/day
$$$: 100-150/hr or 1,000-1,500/day
$$$$: 150+/hr or 1500+/day 

£: 0-20/hr or 0-200/day
££: 20-40/hr or 200-400/day
£££: 40-60/hr or 400-600/day
££££: 60+/hr or 600+/day

€: 0-30/hr or 0-300/day
€€: 30-60/hr or 300-600/day
€€€: 60-90/hr or 600-900/day  
€€€€: 90+/hr or 900+/day

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