Followers and the users that you follow are people in your WNW stratosphere of varying levels of relationship. Vouches are a step of beyond this. A Vouch is a stamp of approval you can give to members. Vouches should only be given to people you've worked with and are willing to put your name behind. To Vouch for someone just click the "Vouch for [name]" button in the right column of their profile. They will be notified by email. Others will be able to see who you've vouched for on your profile.

Remember: A Vouch isn't a "like" button. Only vouch for people you've worked with and know are legit. It's like the mafia, but with slightly more dramatic consequences.

We encourage you to search and Vouch for people you know. Your Vouch will help Creatives increase their chances of getting hired and allow Hirers to feel confident booking new talent because of the endorsements of people they already know and trust.

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