What is the Dashboard?
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Your Dashboard organizes WNW creative members by their real-time availability across the following categories:

  • Hot Leads

  • Saved Searches

  • Follows

  • Lists

  • Talent Playlists

Check out the video here:

When you view any of these groups through the left hand menu, you will be shown them based on their real-time status. All sections in the Dashboard have the "View In Search" feature, which allows you to bring every member in a given section over into Search where they can be further parsed using all search filters.

Hot Leads

This section shows members who want to work at your company. These members either listed your company during onboarding as a place they'd like to work at, or have indicated it from your company page.
Members who have worked at your company have listed it among their previous work experiences and project descriptions. Read more about this part of the Dashboard here.

Saved Searches
This section is where you can view any saved searches you have created. With a saved search, you can regularly view new members who fit your search criteria. You can also set a notification schedule for how often you want to get alerts for new matching candidates.

This section will show you creatives you are following. They can be viewed either all together or by their primary title.

As you follow members, you can opt to put them on a list. All your lists will be shown on the Dashboard, including ones you are a part of as a Team member.

Talent Playlists
Finally, the Dashboard is where you'll find WNW's curated playlists. As you choose to follow playlists, they will show as part of the left side menu below your lists.

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